LGSETA Candidate Support Programmes

LGSETA Candidate Support Programmes

In 2015, SAICE-PDP assisted LGSETA to get a candidacy programme off the ground for the range of built environment professionals required in local government and has continued with mentoring support to date.

The first cohort that we took on consisted of 133 junior- to mid-career engineering staff. Over the years we have taken on further cohorts, totalling well over 200 candidates.

As these are employed learners, mentoring is extremely challenging as candidates are busy with their day-to-day responsibilities and struggle to make time for mentoring sessions and writing up their ECSA reports.

However, many candidates have learnt a great deal from their mentors, and we believe that municipalities have benefitted from the expertise provided.

Challenges relating to electrical reticulation, water and wastewater treatment works, road maintenance, water pressure, water demand and waste management are some of the many areas in which solutions have been developed with the help of the mentors.

At the outset, SAICE-PDP also played a pivotal role in advising on, and assisting LGSETA with, the selection and support of other professional bodies representing GIS, construction and planning professionals. A further 150 in these professions have also been developed as part of the programme.