The Logo

The company logo is stylised from the SAICE logo. The SAICE logo is a bridge which represents bridging the service delivery gap. The SAICE-PDP logo represents the development stages of the professional whose stance depicts the energy and passion of those in the industry, ready to take on any challenge and leap over the gap.

  • The stability of the arched legs represents the foundation of  learners  firmly grounded in scientific concepts
  • Students  representing the torso are the feedstock for the profession
  • Fledgling  graduates  spread their wings out aspirationally towards becoming professionals
  • Professionals  forming the head, represent knowledge, experience and wisdom to lead the profession forward

Our Goal  

Our goal is to develop engineering capacity to deliver sustainable infrastructure for all South Africans.

Our Roles

We focus on:

  • Developing and facilitating appropriate education and training
  • Improving the retention of engineering professionals
  • Working towards reflecting national demographics in the engineering profession
  • Supporting service delivery
  • Enhancing the understanding of engineering in society
  • Conveying the importance of infrastructure to broader society