Statutory governance compliance is maintained in accordance with the SAICE-PDP Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and the Companies Act.

The MOI has been developed with input from SAICE office bearers and Members, SAICE-PDP Directors, Members and staff, as well as legal professionals to ensure that the structure, activities and oversight of the company honours its founding statement  ‘to implement Outreach and Capacity Building initiatives and activities in South Africa and further afield that require external funding; and all projects shall primarily focus on developing civil engineering and related engineering and built environment skills and expertise through education and training; creating civil society awareness; and supporting service delivery.’


Recognised accounting systems are used to manage funding. For each project, separate accounts, audits and reports are generated as required. Monthly or quarterly reports offer an overview on expenditure and progress. Reporting can be in the form of executive documents or detailed reports as required. Annual or biannual impact assessments, as appropriate, are issued to the Board, Project Steering Committees, sponsors and partners to provide insight into the achievements and challenges for each project.

Meetings and reporting

The Board meets at least twice a year and more often when required. The Board approves the annual budget and project strategy. Comprehensive reports are shared at the AGM and are circulated to all who are interested. All annual reports are available under Media.


SAICE Professional Development and Projects, as a Specialised Qualifying Enterprise is rated as a Level 1 contributor.