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Allyson Lawless

Allyson has managed the company since 2004. The range of projects tackled has been immense, from researching and publishing to offering municipal support, managing bursary schemes, developing and implementing mentoring programmes, launching the Candidate and Municipal Academies and advising government on technical skills development.

Leonard le Roux

Leonard joined the company in 2006 when the Eastern Cape Municipal Mentoring Programme, which he had served for seven years, came to an end. Leonard has managed infrastructure support and mentoring programmes nationwide, in municipalities and provinces. Leonard has supported innumerable candidates to register with ECSA over recent years.

Phathi Masimirembwa

Phathi joined the company in March 2019. She holds a BEng (Hons) from the National University of Science and Technology (Zimbabwe), is registered as a Pr Tech Eng and is an ECSA reviewer. Phathi is responsible for managing various mentoring programmes in the public sector and serves as a mentor for many candidates.

John Cato

John joined the company in October 2021. He holds a BSc (Civil) from the University of Kwazulu Natal and is registered as a Pr Eng. John is responsible for managing various capacity building programmes in the public sector and serves as a mentor for various candidates.

Nadine Naude

Nadine joined the company in 2009. She manages the HR function and ensures the company’s compliance with good governance practices. She provides a supporting role to all the funded projects and staff. Furthermore, she manages projects for companies in the private sector who require our mentoring or technical support expertise.

Lizelle du Preez

Lizélle joined the company in December 2015. She manages the Candidate Academy which offers technical training nationwide through CESA, SAICE, SAIEE and SAIIE. Courses can also be offered in-house, so for any information, a quote or to track progress with CPD certificates, Lizélle is the person to contact.

Zan Mlambo

Zan joined the company in March 2015. She is a project coordinator on several candidacy programmes. Zan is also responsible for coordination of the Municipal Academy courses funded by MISA. Zan has been involved in local government research including a training needs survey and contributed to the Engineering Numbers & Needs in the SADC Region study.

Mmathabo Mokone

Mmathabo joined the company in November 2016. She is responsible for monitoring and costing of all the projects to ensure that neither the projects, nor the individual cost centres within projects go over budget. Mmathabo is also a project coordinator on one of the LGSETA funded candidacy mentoring programmes.

Peter Stevenson

Peter started working for SAICE-PDP in April 2015. He is the webmaster for and handles event management on the portal. His IT skills are such that he processes much research data and also puts the finishing touches to manuals and any other documents issued by SAICE-PDP.

Precious Koto

Precious commenced as an intern in 2006 and is today responsible for managing the finances of the organisation.

Nozibelo Dlamini

Nozie joined the company in May 2018. Nozie serves as the switchboard operator and receptionist and carries out many administration-related tasks.