Continuing development for professionals and candidates

All registered professionals are expected to keep up to date with the latest trends, technology and legislation and to generally broaden their knowledge and skills and develop personal qualities to address professional and technical duties throughout their construction careers. Known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD), professionals are expected to record their development activities and renew their registration every five years. CPD is categorised under three headings as outlined below. The same is not required of candidates. Although they are expected to develop during the candidate phase, their activities are not limited to the categories shown below but can be any activities (whether CPD validated or not) necessary for them to develop the qualities and competences required for professional registration.

CPD activities

To obtain CPD hours, Registered Persons must be engaged in the activities of the categories outlined under each knowledge/skills domain as follows: Category A: Core knowledge and Non-core knowledge Category B: Mentorship and Development Category C: Ongoing Practice


The number of points to be earned over a five year period is shown in the table below.

Category A 30 CPD Hours 20 CPD Hours
Category B 10 CPD Hours 10 CPD Hours
Category C 10 CPD Hours 20 CPD Hours

Typically, the hours will be made up as follows:

Category A

  • Qualifications: 20 CPD Hours +
  • SACPCMP Validated Courses: Based on Validation

Category B

  • Mentorship Projects: 10 CPD Hours
  • Individual Mentorship: 1 CPD Hour for each mentee

Category C

  • Training at Work: 1 CPD Hour
  • Professional Position: 5 – 10 CPD Hours
  • Industry Experience: 1 CPD Hour for 8 years
  • Unbroken Service: 1 CPD Hour for 5 years

Note: This is just a guideline. Each CPD submission will be assessed SACPCMP CPD Audit committee and relevant CPD Hours will be allocated based on the evidence provided, which will include, details of qualifications, attendance at CPD events, the level of seniority, extent of service, and the complexity of activity undertaken as described in the annual submission of CPD activities. See the overview in the SACPCMP document available to download below:

CPD Categories in more detail

Category A: Core knowledge

Category A may include voluntary CPD activities which enhance knowledge, experience and competence such as attending:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Colloquiums
  • Educational short courses.

When you decide to engage in CPD activities with the aim of acquiring CPD Hours for Category A, make sure that the activity/course is validated by SACPCMP. To ensure that an activity or course is validated by the Council, you can verify by checking on the Council’s website for the List of Validated courses. Further studies in construction and construction project management are also recognised under Category A: Core Knowledge. These include the attainment of one or more of the following during the 5-year cycle:

  • Certificate
  • BTech
  • Diploma
  • Post graduate diploma
  • Degree
  • Masters
  • PHD

Category A: Non-core knowledge

Activities include attendance of validated programmes such as but not limited to:

  • Team building, public liaison
  • Commissioning, operation, maintenance and post completion review
  • Procurement, supply chain management and contracting
  • Lean production methods and benchmarking
  • Partnering, constructability and value engineering
  • Human resources management
  • Computer skills usage
  • Information management

Research and publications are also recognised under Category A: Non-core knowledge. These include publishing one or more of the following during the 5-year cycle:

  • Book
  • Monographs
  • Research reports/ theses
  • Refereed journal papers
  • Refereed conference papers
  • Non- refereed journal papers

Category B: Mentorship Activities

Mentorship activities include being a:

  • Trainer for contractors in construction and project management
  • Trainer of community members in construction, project management and community development
  • Professional consultancy services provider (to government and private construction companies)

Category C: On-going Practice

Activities may include involvement in academia or full-time engagement in the construction management sector. Points are awarded based on the seniority of professionals hence it is important to describe your position in the company and/or role you play which may include one or more of the following:

  • Researcher, lecturer or professor
  • Examiner for accredited exams
  • Moderator for accredited exams
  • Industry experience (minimum 8 years)
  • On the job training

For a detailed outline of acceptable evidence, please download the document below:

Completing annual reports

Application can be made by filling in the relevant annual report/application form. Each annual report must include:

a) b) Description of CPD activity (e.g. name of course attended, title of book/journal published, mentorship service provided, experience and competencies gained)
c) Name and contact details of CPD provider
d) Information on whether the CPD provider is accredited with the SACPCMP or not
e) Information on whether evidence of CPD records are attached
f) Declaration by applicant.

Based on the above submission the SACPCMP CPD Audit committee will determine and award CPD points considering all activities outlined.

It should be noted that the annual CPD submission must be completed on the SACPCMP portal. Log into your profile and select the CPD tab to upload your data. For further instruction see: