Gauteng CoGTA Professionalisation Programme

Gauteng CoGTA Professionalisation Programme

In 2015, SAICE-PDP was appointed to assist experienced engineering employees in Gauteng municipalities to register with ECSA within a 12-month period.

It was recognised that the number of registered engineering professionals had dropped to an all-time low due to large numbers of senior engineers retiring.

The programme’s objectives were to assess all Gauteng engineering candidates who considered that they were ready for registration, to determine their readiness, and assist them with the registration process. Those not ready were to be given career advice and invited to attend various courses to enhance their knowledge. A target of submitting 40 applications was set. In the end 46 applications were received.

The first candidate to register was Fred Fryer from Ekurhuleni Metro who said ‘I was able to complete documentation, which I clearly understood after I received help, and finally registered. In retrospect, this happened really quickly and painlessly’.

The second candidate to register was Kenneth Masiagwala from the City of Tshwane who excitedly exclaimed ‘I grasped the opportunity with both hands.’